Apply BIORESTOR for longer asphalt life

BIORESTOR is a non-toxic plant-based liquid that protects newly laid and existing asphalt from oxidation and ageing. At a fraction of the cost of asphalt replacement, BIORESTOR treatments every 3-5 years can potentially extend pavement life indefinitely.

BIORESTOR’s all-natural oils penetrate the asphalt and reduce hardening of the binder at a molecular level by replacing components lost to oxidation, and seal the surface.


  • Replaces oils lost due to oxidation
  • Revitalizes the asphalt binder
  • Restores flexibility
  • Seals the pavement against contaminants
  • Extends the useful life of asphalt indefinitely

BIORESTOR is supported by comprehensive laboratory testing.

Why choose BIORESTOR asphalt preserver

Using Biorestor offers real advantages over traditional mineral-based asphalt rejuvenators.

Biorestor integrates into the existing road surface

This means it restores the chemical balances where it counts and does not delaminate.

The all-natural oils penetrate the asphalt to improve chemical balances in the binder. It seals asphalt surfaces, preventing moisture from penetrating into the pavement and creating potholes. It also reduces construction joint failure.

Biorestor is easy to apply and dries in under an hour

The fast drying time means faster application with less traffic disruption, improving service delivery and saving you costs.

Biorestor provides a seal and dries at the surface to allow traffic back on the pavement in 30 minutes to an hour. It continues to work within the asphalt below for several weeks until the entire restorative process is complete. Biorestor treated surfaces maintained safe friction values. No sand blinding is needed.

Biorestor is translucent

This means it does not discolour the road surface or obscure road markings, saving the cost and trouble to re-apply road markings.

Biorestor will leave asphalt surfaces lighter and protected, significantly lowering temperatures during hot seasons. This makes Biorestor ideal for car parks, park, schools and other asphalt applications that cater to children and pets.

Biorestor is non-toxic, sustainable and organic

This means it is not only good for the asphalt, but there is no harmful runoff that harms the environment.

As an organic product made from 100% agricultural oils, it does not pollute soil and water next to treated surfaces like coal-tar products do. Biorestor has earned the United States Department of Agriculture’s BioPreferred™ status, a federally-managed program that promotes purchase of renewable, sustainable, bio-based products.

To find out how Biorestor can save you money, email or call 0508 222 002.