At a fraction of the cost of asphalt replacement, BIORESTOR treatments can be applied when asphalt is laid and then every three to five years to indefinitely extend surface life.

  • Biorestor is sprayed onto the road surface. On contact it seals and penetrates asphalt. No sand blinding is needed.
  • It cures in as little as 30 minutes minimising traffic disruption.
  • Biorestor is translucent, so road markings show through and are not compromised, and in addition it improves the wear and lifespan of road markings.
  • Biorestor adds agricultural oils and polymers to the top 20mm of the asphalt surface. Penetration, viscosity, stability, and flexibility are significantly improved, preserving asphalt in full performance condition.
  • Biorestor prevents ravelling and cracking by combating the oxidising effects of rainwater and the sun’s ultraviolet rays as well as traffic wear.
  • Biorestor seals asphalt surfaces, preventing moisture from penetrating into the pavement and creating potholes. It also reduces construction joint failure.
  • Biorestor delivers maximum benefit and cost savings when applied as soon as possible after the pavement is laid. The reason for this is that oxidation begins the moment the asphalt is laid. Research shows that 40-60% of oxidation occurs in the first two years.
  • The longer that treatment with Biorestor is delayed, the greater the chance of road deterioration beyond a point of effective preservation.
  • Biorestor treated surfaces maintained safe friction values.
  • Biorestor postpones or even eliminates the need for chip seal. This avoids the vehicle paint damage, cracked windscreens and road noise that makes chip seal so problematic, especially in urban areas.